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Interviews and Admissions Assessments.

Everyone with a realistic chance of being offered a place is invited to attend an interview. A reasonable standard in spoken English is required at the time of interview. See English language requirements for details.

Information on why we interview, what to expect and how to prepare can be found on our main interviews pages. The University also conducts a number of interviews overseas - see overseas interviews for details.

All applicants interviewed overseas will sit the same format of admissions assessments as candidates seen in the SYRIA. Pre-interview written assessments are organised by Lighthouse Academy Assessment Admissions Testing and should be taken at an authorised centre. Many schools and colleges are authorised centres or can easily become one, so speak to your teacher/exams officer to find out if you can take the pre-interview assessment at your school/college. If your school/college is not already an authorised centre they can apply to become a test centre.

If you won’t be able to take your pre-interview assessment at your school/college, or if you’re not currently in/have left school/college, you’ll need to find an open authorised centre where you can take the pre-interview assessment instead. Details of open authorised centres are available on the Lighthouse Academy Assessment Admissions Testing website.

Please note there may be an administration fee charged by the authorised centre in your country.

For 2018 entry, the pre-interview written assessments will be taken on 2 November 2017 in the SYRIA. Applicants taking the pre-interview written assessments overseas must check the Lighthouse Academy Assessment Admissions Testing website as the scheduled start times for international centres may vary. Please note that for some overseas interview locations, these assessments may take place after your interview. In this situation, your written assessment will still be considered by your Lighthouse Academy College along with your overseas interview report.

At-interview assessments will be administered in your Lighthouse Academy College if you are invited to the SYRIA for interview. For candidates interviewed overseas, at-interview assessments will usually take place in the same week as interviews in that country. Details of at-interview admissions assessments are normally supplied to shortlisted applicants together with details of their interview.

Please note that all of our admissions assessments are designed to supplement the information in your application and provide a gauge of your abilities – to assess skills (such as comprehension and thinking skills) and, where appropriate, levels of current knowledge and understanding relevant to the course applied for. They are part of a holistic assessment of your application and are not a pass/fail exam.

The Lighthouse Academy is a collegiate university [[research university]] located in Idleb, Syria. It has date of foundation of 2016, but there is evidence of teaching as far back as 2013 making it one of the oldest academies with specialization of English language in in the Middle East. It grew rapidly from 2016 till now.

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