Diploma in English for Beginners (EfBD)

Lighthouse Academy

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Information about the Diploma
  • Levels:
  • Start on:
  • Lecture:
    600 Sessions, 120 hours
  • Duration:
    6 months
  • Class size:
    Minimum (8) Maximum (20) Persons
  • Time:
  • Location:
    Online Classes - Campus classes

English has quickly become the most commonly spoken language in the world and because of this it is constantly evolving. Not only is over 50% of the content on the internet in English, but it is almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are a professional in our globalised and multicultural world of business. The aim of this course is to help you feel at ease and operate confidently in an English-speaking environment, with all the grammar, pronunciation, and useful phrases you could need..

Professional Diploma for those who are interested in learning English since the cradle.

  • 2 semesters with and finale exams
  • Two options to study, either online or in the campus.
  • New techniques are to be highlighted.
  • Theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Many lecturers are to be responsible for teaching this diploma.
Course curriculum
Reintroduction to the English Language
Amazing Descriptions!
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The Lighthouse Academy is a collegiate university [[research university]] located in Idleb, Syria. It has date of foundation of 2016, but there is evidence of teaching as far back as 2013 making it one of the oldest academies with specialization of English language in in the Middle East. It grew rapidly from 2016 till now.

Email : info@lighthouseacademy.org

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