Diploma in Linguistics (DiLING)

Lighthouse Academy

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Information about the Diploma
  • Levels:
  • Start on:
    Oct 2018
  • Lecture:
    140 Sessions, 280 hours
  • Duration:
    12 months
  • Class size:
    Minimum (6) Maximum (12) Persons
  • Time:
  • Location:
    Campus classes

The goal of this course is to provide students with a set of practical skills for using computers to carry out linguistic analysis. We will begin by introducing the Python programming language with a particular focus on methods for manipulating strings (sequences of characters). Once we have covered the basics of programming, we will expand our understanding of these techniques in the context of concrete tasks for quantifying the use of language, for instance counting how often a particular linguistic phenomena appears in a large text corpus. Various external packages exist for Python which offer powerful linguistic and statistical tools to even the novice programmer; we will discuss some of the most popular (e.g. the Natural Language Toolkit or NLTK) and show how such tools can be accessed and applied to problems of interest..

Professional Diploma for those who are interested in Linguistics.

  • 2 semesters with and finale exams
  • Attending in the campus is mandatory.
  • New techniques are to be highlighted.
  • Theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Many lecturers are to be responsible for teaching this diploma.
Course curriculum
Linguistic Field Methods
Current Issues in Morphology
Current Issues in Generative Grammar
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