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Tuitions and Fees.

Each course profile page includes the expected tuition fees for your course. Some courses involve intensive laboratory, clinical or fieldwork so may have higher fees.

International students (from outside of Syria) will be charged fees at the international rate. Part-time fees for international students are to be paid in advanced.

Each course has its own fees. You may find the registration fees for each course in details associated with the course or you may send us an email in order to get full information about the fees.

International fees and costs.

Information on tuition fees, College fees and living expenses for international students studying at Lighthouse Academy

As an overseas student at Lighthouse Academy, there are three costs you need to consider.

Visa applications require you to prove in advance that you can finance all these costs, as it's not possible for you to work during the academic session. Colleges also ask for guarantees that you're able to finance all these costs for the full duration of the course.

Please note that all students must ordinarily be available to study in Lighthouse Academy for the full duration of their course (with the exception of a year abroad).

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for overseas students starting their course in 2018 have been approved as listed in the table below. See information at the top of the page regarding financial guarantees. Please note:

Fees are per annum and are fixed for the duration of the course.

For overseas students undertaking a year abroad, the tuition fee payable to Lighthouse Academy during the year abroad will be 50 per cent of the full fee.

The Lighthouse Academy is a collegiate university [[research university]] located in Idleb, Syria. It has date of foundation of 2016, but there is evidence of teaching as far back as 2013 making it one of the oldest academies with specialization of English language in in the Middle East. It grew rapidly from 2016 till now.

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