Rector's Welcoming Letter

Lighthouse Academy

Lighthouse Academy

Rector's Welcoming Letter

Lighthouse Academy (one of the branches of Lighthouse Institution that includes in addition to Lighthouse Academy, Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing) was founded on December 13, 2016. It is appreciated to highlight the facts that roots of the academy goes back to 2013. .

On establishing Lighthouse Academy, the main stated goal was to provide international English courses.

The native language and literature of every nation is considered the basis of its national spirit and identity, cultural-educational world, and its national idea. Languages are the core of every spiritual and physical renaissance of every nation. If a nation does not have a language, then it is going to have existence problems. Losing the national language is equal to losing the spirit of the nation..

Whenever any nation would like to keep and save its own existence, and get a step forwards, then it should protect its own language, in addition to teach its students and learners the most developed and most used languages all over the world and in this case, English is the case. Exterior powers that might think of occupying nations might believe of depriving any country from its religion, history, culture and attack its own language and heritage. For that reason, a powerful country is to protect its own borders. It might also learn how to make a shield upon its own sacred principles and attack the ideological standards of its enemy and even his own language..

Syria has been under the influence of such a potent self-destruction war. It was a war within and without that targeted its own existence and its own life and to the highest and most prestigious principles, this war was a total success and the destruction was achieved. Syrian history, culture and national pride were destroyed. We have to confess and admit that we, Syrians, we have lost everything. No more it is possible to mourn and no more it is possible to call for solutions. We have lost it all and we have to start from the cradle. During the last years of war, the Syrian Native Pride was a heap of ashes. This SNP was what kept the 9000 years-history of Syria alive and true and now, this SNP is over. .

After 7 years, the possibilities were very limited and all the attempts to save the Syrian heritage were not successful. .

Taking all of that into consideration, we were sure that ship is sinking and no hope to rescue it. No way to save its inhabitants and it is impossible to help people or tell them about what is happening. The SNP was crushed on the shore of Europe, on the shore of finding a peaceful shelter for those who escaped from the sound of destruction and the yelling of death. There was nothing to save. It was impossible to convince a man who had lost his house, family, wife, children and any hope of life to think of the Syrian heritage. It was ethically refused to do that and most important in this regard, it was extremely painful to mention that SNP not to mention that being-destroyed-heritage. .

In the midst of this abyss, and among those chaotic circumstances, the secret was to save what can be saved and to fight for keeping what you can. It was all to believe that you have holding sand in your hands, so keep as much as possible..

Syrians were distributed all over the world and the connection between those refugees and their own heritage was cut. It was impossible for any reconnect it again. .

The Ethical Dilemma.

The question that rose to my mind was what can I do in order to do something for this heritage? Shall I leave this sinking ship and escape and save myself? This ship is going to sink and the weather is storm, waves are very high and it is so darky sea. In the midst of this horrific situation, there should be a lighthouse to led people to the shore. There should be an idea, entity or even an institution that can help in saving what can be saved and rescue what can be rescued and be the hope for those who are still fighting to get it..

The idea of a lighthouse shed the light about the existence of darkness and that was the situation with the Syrian dilemma. In the presence of dark, there should be a light and in the presence of despair, there should be hope and in the presence of death there should be a rebirth. Syrian heritage and SNP were no more available and for that reason there should be a light to defend the dark..

The solution.

The solution that I was thinking about was to establish an open-end institution with open possibilities and open prospects to save what can be saved. The first institution in this field was Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing. This heritage was destroyed and what I wanted to do was to record it, as if I wanted to make a copy for future. Our present is under to shadows of war and our past was destroyed and hence, there should be a connection between our ambiguous future and our past..

Later on, there was a great need for an educational centre for keeping and transferring such treasures we once had and to communicate with other institutions all over the world for the sake of being in touch with history and civilization. This cnetre that I had in mind was Lighthouse Academy. In order to lead the astray ships to the shore, there should be an educational lighthouse for all. Students are to be told about the SNP and the once-had prestigious heritage. .

Up to our knowledge, we must determine the preservation of our native language, its enrichment and enhancement of its prestige to be our great and lifelong objectives; and we must never fail to take this issue into account. Arabic language is the connection with we have and the method of communication with each other. Transferring Arabic language to other nations and teaching them Arabic was one of the themes we had in mind. Our protector shield was our native language and learning other’s languages is another shield we had to protect ourselves. .

Lighthouse Academy was supposed to work in parallel with two themes: Teaching our native to other nations and other countries and teaching other’s languages for our students. In this case, we had the idea to have double-shielded protector for our nation..

The great and wealth cultural background that Syrians provided in the countries they settled in was one of the methods we may have in order to imply our once-had heritage for other nations..

No one cannot but empathize the significant and potent role of education and culture that international education centers may imply on other nationalities and literatures..

The Arabic language has rich and ancient history; the existing scientific sources show that it was influenced by peoples and nations having inhabited the territories since a long time ago..

Lighthouse Academy is to make this cultural, ideological, heritagical, connection in order to maintain the highest levels of successful results not forgetting to let the astray ships reach the shore peacefully..

In 2013, Lighthouse Academy was an idea that was looking for a hope to by applied on the ground. In 2016, the academy started its academic programs in addition to its international training courses for the sake of making the educational process available for all people all over the world. In 2017, the academy started its 5-years plan..

This 5 years plan had in mind our goal of becoming one of the most prestigious academic centers in the Middle East with partnership agreements with the most notable universities all over the world..

  • Rector of Lighthouse Academy

    The Lighthouse Academy is a collegiate university [[research university]] located in Idleb, Syria. It has date of foundation of 2016, but there is evidence of teaching as far back as 2013 making it one of the oldest academies with specialization of English language in in the Middle East. It grew rapidly from 2016 till now.

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