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Our students are always happy because of they know the great value of our courses.


Online Courses

All the time and Every Where. You can now enjoy the learning experience without any limits or obstacles.


Study anytime, anywhere, with your laptop in front of you connected to the internet. Lighthouse Academy provides learners with an online classroom sitting allowing for a community of supportive peer thinkers and teachers.

Learning from home, while setting on your comfortable sofa, is the next generation of online courses using only your laptop and an internet connection. Fully online courses are open for enrollment. Browse course descriptions and check the status of the E-Learning allows you to earn college credit anywhere you can access the Internet. E-Learning courses are equivalent to classroom-delivered courses offered on the Lighthouse Academy campus, but use the flexibility of Internet technology solutions to provide convenient anytime/anywhere access to learning tools, including online examinations. Admission to Lighthouse Academy is not required for enrollment in E-Learning academy credit courses. You may enroll at any time and take up to six months to complete a course. We open the doors of knowledge for you, all you have to do is to enter. Do not hesitate! Seize the moment and embark the journey.  

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