Ideas = $


Investing Ideas

Change your ideas into something beyond expectations.

Your ideas are priceless

NEVER understimate your ideas. They are very important for us. Never ignore anything.

Investing YOUR ideas?

Do you have an idea? You tell your friends and family about but no one is interested? You feel disparate and paralyzed? No one to care for your project? Is no one there to support your brilliant thoughts? We, Lighthouse family, are here to make your idea a great success for you. All you have to do is sharing us with your ideas and projects, and we provide you with all requirements and support to make your dreams reality.

One of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur faces is getting access to funds needed for various aspects of the venture – starting up, expansion, meeting operational cost and more.

While the money is always out there, you have to learn the trick of where and how to find it! ‘Funding’ program will help you to learn basics of investments, connect with investors, bankers, prepare and pitch to investors to raise funds.


Our students are always happy because of they know the great value of our courses.

Invest and gain.

We are going to change your idea into a project and you are going to be the godfather of that project.

Your have ideas, Tell us. 

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