Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing.

Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing



Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing is a publishing house specializing in literary, scientific and social translations in many languages. The list of titles includes rising talents and newcomers alongside established authors. Publishing in different languages widen the prospects of our books and works.



Founded in September 2016 by Managing Director, Mustafa Kayyali, and Editorial Director, Noura Abduljalil. we pride ourselves on our expertise on the publishing market, a hallmark which enables us to pick first-hand those works of literary fiction, science and social books which really make a difference and might resonate with an international readership. In collaboration with the best native English translators we are committed to introducing the work of contemporary Arab writers to a global audience.



We take risks on debut and experimental writers, we invest significant time and care in the editorial process, and of course, we enable dynamic engagement between authors and readers. We operate as a nonprofit to pursue these ends without overbearing financial pressure. And yet, though profits aren't our primary focus, helping our authors succeed certainly is. we've published many books of literary science, nonfiction, and we made many translations for many magnificent books. We believe that literature has the potential to change the way we observe the world, and that bringing new voices to essential conversations is the clearest path to ensuring a prospectious empowered and lightened future.



We have a hope and dream, and we are planning to make a spot of light for our readers. We are planning to shed light upon our authors and support them with whatever they need.
In brief, it's all about good books and making them available for the first time to the English-speaking audience. We are planning to transfer cultures of many nations to be ready and available for the English-speaking audience.


Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing, A partner of Lighthouse Academy is Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing, a non-profit publishing company established in the governorate of Idleb, Syria in 2017 as a corporation and gather of the efforts of many academics for the sake of improving the mentality of people, improve reading and participate in the gateway of human knowledge and human heritage.


In the Past

Since its establishment, Lighthouse Academy is Lighthouse Books made all possible efforts to make knowledge available for all people. we have published many scientific and academic publications at many fields. Lighthouse for publishing and printing provides services of printing, editing, translating and publishing in addition to many other services. Our goal and hope is to make relationships between civilizations and cultures,  to make cultural bridges between countries and states and to make transcendence between old cultures and new developments, e.g., transferring the Ancient Arabic Literature into English or transferring the masterpieces of India to English would be such of high value for human heritage.

Our Vision

WE, at the Lighthouse Publishing House consider human knowledge as a right and duty for each member of our house. We consider this knowledge as a right for every human in this world and to expand this knowledge for others IS the essence of humanitarian existence. It is the basic of human ego and human dogmas. We are ALL human creatures and we all share the same values and same mentality. Treasures of all nations and all people is to be shared and published for all nations. They are to be read and understood by people in all cultures and languages. Our vision is to do that and to connect the dots between civilizations.

We are doing our best to provide and present sciences, literatures and treasures of humanity in addition to making frequent translations of the best and most unique and distinguished treasures of the world.

We have strategic vision infested in translating of Arabic literature into the English Language and specially to the English reader who is interested in the Arabic literature. We seek to do a mutual role manifested in in translating other literatures into Arabic and having Arabic literature being translated into other languages.

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