Lighthouse Academy, Vision of the Academy

Lighthouse Academy will further enhance its international reputation for

Lighthouse Academy has established seven strategic goals for the period 2017–2020

Lighthouse Academy will consolidate its international reputation as an academy known for outstanding teaching, excellent research, its global outlook, effective engagement with the society it serves, and its distinctive approach to the challenges facing modern education.

1- the exceptional and distinctive education it offers to students;



2- the quality and impact of its research and scholarship;



3- the connection between its research and teaching;


4- the diversity of its student body and the quality of its student experience;


5- the global scope of teaching and research;


6- effective engagement with enterprise, the community, civil society and the state;


7- commitment to excellence, innovation and collegiality;

8- its unique and collaborative contribution to the national system of education and to the economic, social and cultural life of the region, the nation and the world.

1- To offer students an outstanding university education, the best available in the middle ease, an education which challenges and supports all students to achieve their full potential, and prepares students for life, work and citizenship, and for complexity, diversity and change.

2- To be recognized by 2020 as playing a leading international role and being the clear national leader in a number of thematic areas of research that address the major societal challenges of the 21st century.

3- To achieve a step change in international activities, doubling the number of international students on campus and doubling the number of domestic students spending time abroad, in order to create a truly intercultural and multilingual institution.

4- To strengthen engagement with all stakeholders through sustained partnerships with enterprises, communities, civil society and public bodies, to build support for the mission of the university, to serve the needs of society, and to open new opportunities for research and learning.

5- To maximize its unique and distinctive contribution to the national system of higher education through a set of purposeful and sustained strategic partnerships at regional and national level, and to extend its international reach through a network of global partnerships.

6- To be an excellent place to work, known for a collegial ethos that empowers all staff to contribute fully to the development of the university.

7- To enable the achievement of ambitious strategic objectives in challenging circumstances through careful planning, excellent services and infrastructure, and sound governance and management.