Who We are?

Lighthouse Academy is an academic community with the aim to make a bridge for students all over the world, regardless of their nation or ethnics, regardless of their believes or traditions, regardless of their life style or point of view, to attend academic classes, attend lectures, participate in meetings and gatherings, and make a medium and channel that connect those students in one place, at one time, to study at one academy and have accredited certificates and degrees.

Our goal is to be an international centre for students and portal for sciences and knowledge.

Lighthouse Academy is the core of a publishing house called "Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing".
Lighthouse Academy had published hundreds of studies and researches via Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing in different languages and all of these researches, books, articles, novels and translations may be found online once you look for Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing.
We have great goals and wide hope to contribute in the process of high education over the world.


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