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Whether you’re a new or returning student you will need to complete student registration at the start of each academic year. To help you with this, we’ve provided details of what you’ll need and the registration process. Registration is the systematic process that reserves seats in particular classes for eligible students. It is accomplished by following the steps announced by the student’s home school in advance of each semester’s registration period.
Enrollment is the completion of the registration process, and affords the full rights and privileges of student status. Enrollment is accomplished by the payment(link is external) or other satisfaction of tuition and fees(link is external) and by the satisfaction of other obligations to the University.
Registration alone does not guarantee enrollment; nor does registration alone guarantee the right to participate in a class. In some cases, students need to obtain the approval of the instructor or of a representative of the department that offers a course. Please check your school’s bulletin and the registration instructions contained in Student Services Online (SSOL) at for all of the approvals required. To comply with current and anticipated Internal Revenue Service mandates, Lighthouse Academy requires all students who have a IDs or Passports at the time of admission to report it For international students, they must have their passports at the time of registration. 
According to University regulations, each person who completes registration is considered a student of the University during the semester for which they register, unless the student’s enrollment status is altered. Student registered in the Academy may register at more than one application..
The privileges of the University are not available to any student until they have completed enrollment. A student who is not officially registered for a University course may not attend the course. No student may register after the stated period unless he or she obtains the consent, written or electronic, of the appropriate dean or director.
The University reserves the right to withhold the privilege of registration or any other University privilege from any person with an unpaid debt to the University. Students are also held accountable for absences incurred owing to late enrollment.


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