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Accreditation of Lighthouse Academy


Lighthouse Academy, Accreditation Process.

Join us in our Academy and make the best decision in your life. We are the portal of success and walfare.

Towards accreditation

Follow the path of wisdom and allow your imagination to roam in the releams of knowlege. Choose your suitable application.

Accreditation is a rigorous process undertaken by Academic Bodies to achieve official recognition that these Bodies meet or exceed set standards for higher learning. You may think that all colleges or universities are accredited, but that just is not the case. Accreditation provides you with an official mark recognized worldwide, and not many academies have this mark.
For you, accreditation provides peace of mind that you are studying at a worldwide Academy that holds high standards. In addition, regardless of your personal experience and practical knowledge, when you enter the job market, employers may view your accredited degree as a determining factor in the quality of the application.
Lighthouse Academy holds both institutional and programmatic accreditations. Institutional accreditation is concerned with institutional standards, while programmatic accreditation focuses on high education programs.

Accreditated Certificates.

We have great dreams and great hope. Objectives of the academy are to be obvious here.

Standards and statics.

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